Digital Advertisement: Beyond Facebook
Date: 8th December, 2018 | Venue: Room 714 | Time: 12:15PM-01:30PM


Session Brief

In the new era of technology and social media marketing, the people engaged in marketing are interested in social media marketing more than other medium of marketing. Digital Marketing can be imposed in any form of digital media. This session is focused on the way of stepping out of facebook based digital marketing and availing the best of digital tools other than Facebook for business purposes.


Expected Outcome:

Audience of the session will be introduce digital marketing strategies outside of facebook and will be more enriched via the panelist. Confusing idea about digital marketing would be clarified.


Target Audience:

Engaged people to digital marketing and digital medium of marketing, students working on digital marketing and Ministries of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.


Session’s Role Players


       Name       Role         Designation Ministry/Organization
Jabed Sultan Piash, Keynote Speaker Digital Business Manager Prothom Alo