Exploring and Leveraging ICT
Date: 8th December, 2018 | Venue: Auditorium | Time: 05:00 PM – 06:30 PM


Session Brief

In the age of fourth industrial revolution the ICT and ICT based business or product are impacting widely. Exploring and leveraging ICT session will be focused on the techniques and the ideas behind leveraging ICT based startups. Making new technical ideas into business in an environment of possibilities will be discussed largely here.


Expected Outcome:

People having idea will have a way to make into real business in an convenient environment.

Target  Audience:

Students, Technology Enthusiast, Tech Entrepreneurs, Software Company personnel and ICT Division.


           Name            Role     Designation Ministry/Organization
Momluk Sabir Ahmed Chief Guest Managing Director Computer Services Ltd
Enayet Hossan Rajib Moderator  CEO & Founder TheWebLab
Maliha Malek Quadir Panelist  Founding Managing Director Shohoj Limited
Rashed Mujib Noman Panelist  Country Director(Bangladesh) Augmadix
Raisul Kabir Panelist  Chief Executive Officer Brain Station 23
Aminul Hakim Panelist  Chief Executive Officer AmberIT
Imtiaz Ilahi Panelist Managing Director Graphic People
Aleya R Ikbal Panelist Head of IT and Business Transformation IPDC Finance Limited