Meet the leaders
Date: 7th December, 2018 | Venue: Auditorium | Time: 05:00 pm – 6:30 pm


Session Brief

Entrepreneurs need to learn from leaders, from the pioneers who have walked on this already. Entrepreneurs must know the experience, learning, lesson and insights that the successful entrepreneurs possess. This session is designed in an interactive way to keep the entrepreneurs’ needs in mind. The session is divided into two parts. In the first part, there will be two presentations of two successful entrepreneurs and following and focusing on that, the speakers will discuss with them.  


Expected Outcome: Entrepreneurs will know about the experiences and insights of successful entrepreneurs.

Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, Investors, Social Influencer, Changemaker and People want to startup in near future.


       Name       Role         Designation Ministry/Organization
Munir Hasan Moderator General Secretary BdOSN
Mr.Quayum Reza Chowdhury Panelist-1 Trustee University of Asia Pacific
Fazlul Haq Panelist-2 Managing Director Plummy Fashions Ltd
Rubana Haq Panelist-3 Managing Director Mohammedy Group
Mominul Islam Panelist-4 Managing Director and CEO IPDC Finance Limited