SME Ahead
Date: 8th December, 2018 | Venue: Room 713 | Time: 12:15PM-01:30PM


Session Brief

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) drive the economic growth of our nation with their ability to innovate and employ in large numbers. They are emerging as one of the most dynamic segments of the economy. But with their emerging growth, there always been a question of their sustenance. This session will talk about the key bottlenecks of SME sustainable growth and ways to mitigate the problems

The session will largely focus on:

  • Potentials of SMEs in Bangladesh market
  • Key bottlenecks of SME growth
  • Financial inclusion of SMEs
  • Initiatives towards sustainable growth
  • Future of SME industry


Expected Outcome:

Audience of the session will be introduce SME and will be more enriched via the panelist. Confusing idea about SME would be clarified.

Target Audience:

Engaged people to business, SME enthusiasts and Ministries of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.


Session’s Role Players


       Name       Role         Designation Ministry/Organization
Mr. Abul Kasem Khan Chief Guest President Dhaka Chamber
Rizwan D Shams Panelist DMD & Head of Business Finance IPDC Finance Limited
Md. Safiqul Islam Panelist Managing Director SME Foundation
Md. Humayun Kabir Panelist Founder & Managing Director Walletmix Limited