Rubana Huq

Rubana Huq

Rubana Huq

Managing Director | Mohammadi Group

Rubana Huq is Managing Director of Mohammadi Group. She has been in the position for the last fifteen years, actively empowering five thousand women in the industry. The group exports a million pieces of ready-made garments every month of which women manufacture 75%. She overviews the import and the export and is directly involved with the supply chain and the final product.

She also heads MG Properties Limited, the Real Estate Division of the company that has its fifth project running at this point of time.

She is also the founder of an interior company: Vive Construction and Interiors that supports the real estate initiatives.

Sensing the lack of brand awareness in the country, she has just launched a new label: Vive, entirely dedicated to the local market consumption.

Rubana is also the Chairperson of Sharaf Memorial Trust, an entity that runs a school for the children of the workers of the factories. The Trust awards yearly scholarship programs for the children of the employees of the company.

Apart from her corporate entity, Rubana launched a literary magazine, Monsoon Letters, with Bangladeshi writers: Monsoon Letters. She is currently concentrating on web publishing on a monthly basis.

Monsoon Letters so far, has eight publications to its credit.

Rubana actively engaged in media as a CEO of TV Southasia, a collaborative platform of five television channels of South Asia.

Under the collaboration, AAJ TV of Pakistan, Maharaja Group of Sri Lanka, RTV of Bangladesh, and Tara TV from India and Image Channels from Nepal had contributed content on a daily basis, which was uplinked from Kolkata, India. Rubana remained the CEO of TV Southasia from 2006-2010.

Rubana Huq is also a PhD candidate at Jadavpur University in Kolkata where her thesis focuses on Small Publishing Entities that help the space and pace of Indians writing in English. Her core concentration is on Writers Workshop, founded by Professor Purushuttoma Lal, way back in 1958.

Rubana is also a poet, having won the SAARC literary award in 2006.