Shah Paran

Shah Paran

Shah Paran

Founder | HandyMama

Shah is a passionate Young Entrepreneur, Problem Solver, Visionary and an Emerging Young Leader from Dhaka Bangladesh. Having an academic background in IT with firsthand experience in starting and running technology businesses, Shah envisions tobuild a sustainable global technology company in on-demand and gig economy.

Currently, he isworking as the CEO of HandyMama; the company that he hasfounded in April 2015 and employed over 150 full-time employees. HandyMama is an app for professional cleaning and handyman services for both households and businesses.

Using latest technologies, Shah wants to standardize the deep-rooted and old-fashioned service industry of Bangladesh by closely working with both supply and demand side.Hence, creating 20,000 jobs by 2030 has become his personal mission.

Shah’s hobby is experimenting with new skills and getting his hands dirty with the ones he feels passionate about. However, during his pastime, he studies and experiments with Data Science and User Behaviorwhile he plays with Python coding. But Shah gives him 10/10 for his extreme convincing power!

Shah is a US State Department Fellow and the Founders Institute Alumni (FI; the Founder Institute is an American business incubator, entrepreneur training and startup launch program.) He has won several national and international awards and recognition as an outstanding young entrepreneur.

Being a very passionate tech enthusiast, Shah graduated with Diploma in Computer Science & Engineer degree from Comilla Polytechnic Institute and later studied CSE at the Daffodil International University. Before starting his own IT company in 2014, he worked as a mobile application developer and a freelance consultant for a number of US companies